Scholarships Now Available!

Deadline for Scholarship Applications is now July 24, 2017

Due to a generous donation, Christian Academy of the Bluegrass is now able to offer needs-based scholarship funds to Church of Christ families. In order to be considered for aid an application for admission also needs to be submitted for each child being considered. The school application fee is $25 with a $50 family max. The Smart Aid application fee is $35/family.

The deadline to apply for aid has been extended to, July 24, 2017. The tight turnaround time is due to the initial set-up time with the company Smart Aid. Smart Aid will be handling the applications and aiding the school in the scholarship selection process. Each family, upon application, will be assigned a number which will be used by the selection committee in order to award scholarships in a fair, balanced and anonymous manner.
If interested, please go online and apply today: /scholarships

Job Opening at CAB

Seeking an Administrator for the 2017-2018 School Year

CAB is excited to announce an opening for the 2017-2018 school year. CAB’s educational philosophy embraces the idea that children are unique individuals with diverse needs and abilities. Therefore, at CAB, we strive to guide children by embracing an active learning, student-driven approach in all facets of the educational setting. The goal of CAB is to graduate students who are prepared for college and/or vocation with an attitude of willingness to strive for success in whatever path they choose. CAB encourages its students to stand out from the rest in all phases of life:  spiritually, physically, and academically, resulting in graduates who are well-rounded and who apply a Biblical-worldview to life around them.

We are currently looking to hire a full-time Administrator who has a passion for Christian education and who will inspire and develop that same passion in their part-time volunteer staff and the students of CAB.
The Administrator shall be responsible for the internal organization, management, and control of the school.  Responsibilities of this position shall include, but not be limited to, preparing and implementing a full educational teaching plan, according to the school’s requirements. Likewise, the administrator shall be willing and able to provide instruction to the students, while also guiding students in the development of their own Biblical character and personal skills.
In addition, the responsibilities will also include managing every aspect of school administration on a day-to-day basis, including teaching, organizing and creating curriculum maps for multi-age classrooms, working as a partner with and supervisor of the faculty and Board to further develop and implement the curriculum, as well as, handle any disciplinary issues.  

The Administrator will also serve as a liaison between the school and the board of directors of CAB, various board committees, parents/guardians of the students, and individuals within the community.

Current or past state certification, although it may be considered, is not required.  Candidates for the position may qualify either with a degree and/or certification in education or a degree, training, and experience in a particular field of study and/or profession.

Interested candidates should request an application by emailing or downloading one HERE.  Applications have also been emailed to area congregations.  To be considered, applications should be received no later than July 19, 2017.

Good News...
We're 501(c)(3) Approved!

After more than a year of efforts by many people, Christian Academy of the Bluegrass is now 501(c)(3) approved! This means that the school is now officially tax-exempt, and all prior and future donations to CAB are tax-deductible.

Thanks goes out to Fonda Carter, Robin Spicer, Gene McCarty, Drew Trimble and Bart Rogers for your work, advice and the effort it took to get Christian Academy of the Bluegrass incorporated and 501(c)(3) approved!

A very special thanks goes to Fonda Carter and Robin Spicer for the countless hours they have donated over the last two years working with accountants to accomplish this long and hard-fought goal.

Business Sponsorships Available

Interested in becoming recognized as a business that supports Christ-centered education?

The Christian Academy of the Bluegrass strives to encourage members of the school community to patronize businesses that support quality Christian education. Your business may sponsor our school through choosing any Business Sponsorship level (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) which were tailored with your business needs in mind.

A flier with more details is available HERE!

Other opportunities for business sponsorship and promotion to the school community exist. Please contact our development chair, David Gardner, via email at or by telephone at 859-272-7811 for more information.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

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